Common Plants Used In Hawaii Landscape Design

There are many common plants used throughout Hawaii in landscaping and design. Often times you will see these same plants used over and over throughout residential and commercial landscapes. Some of the most common and tropical looking plants include: ti leaf, laua’e fern, and gardenia bushes.

Ti leaf plants come in a variety of colors and are one of the most commonly used plants found in landscaping throughout Hawaii. The most commonly used ti leaf plants are the green variety and red variety. Here are samples of both and how they can be incorporated into your landscape design.

green ti leafred ti leaf plantseashore paspalum2

The laua’e fern is one of the most commonly used ferns throughout Hawaii for landscaping. It’s unique glossy green leaves have two types of leaves – spore bearing and vegetation. This plant is not native to Hawaii however can be seen used as a runner or groundcover in Hawaii yards.

lauae fern

Gardenia bushes are among a favorite shrub used throughout Hawaii yards, partly because of the delightful smelling flowers the shrub produces. This plant does particularly well in high humidity warm weather so is perfect for growing in Hawaii. There are many different varieties of gardenia, some actually are native to Hawaii, however the most commonly used gardenias usually are not native Hawaiian plants.


In future posts we’ll take a look at more commonly used Hawaiian plants for landscaping and design.


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