Seashore Paspalum

Due to Hawaii’s unique year-round high humidity warm weather, the typical types of grass grown in the mainland tend to fail or do very poorly. Because of the many climate conditions there are only a few varieties of grass seen throughout the Hawaiian islands. One strand of grass in particular is the Seashore Paspalum which can be used for homes, or landscaping that resides near the beach due to this strain’s high tolerance for salt spray. The Seashore Paspalum type grass spreads and creates a dense turf with slightly coarse blades and is great for foot traffic. This type of grass does well in moist conditions and can tolerate full sun or partial shade year round. It’s a good idea to flood your lawn if you have this type of grass and live near the ocean to wash out the accumulation of salts every so often, perhaps once per year. This type of grass should be kept at about 1 inch in height, and is commonly seen used on golf courses near the ocean. Here are some photos of Seashore Paspalum to get an idea of what your lawn might look like with this type of grass:

seashore paspalum3

seashore paspalum2seashore paspalum1


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